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My goal has always been to provide a fresh approach since there appears to be many guys out there spreading the same information and the same flaws.



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From: <George@xxxxxx>
To: <cr @>

She looked at me and looked at her legs with a smile. I remembered what you had (CR) said, all information is important.


I have always taken my time. However, this time I decide I would not touch her p***y for a minimum of one hour of kissing and foreplay. After about 30 mins. She kept pushing my head down to her p***y... I kissed every part of her body, not her p**y.

She was getting completely crazy...Afterward, she got in the shower, I could hear her say, WOW!

That was the best sex I had with my wife in about two years!

She got out of the shower, kissed me, smiled and said, happy
new year. She went and studied with a smile and I went and watched football with smile.

George G - Maryland, USA


Your material is excellent.

I have bought a lot of seduction books because being by nature an introvert I realized that my interpersonal skills were a weakness that could keep me from achieving my goals.

Anyway, the mind state theory you have is CRAZY.

I [do a secret technique] and when I go out I can feel women drawn to me, INSANE.

I tried an experiment yesterday with mind state when I went out for breakfast.

The cute waitress kept her hand on my shoulder the entire time she was around my table. I have two questions. [removed]


Hello, First I have read your ebook super sex power several times.

Every time I learn something new.

I have started to put into practice most of the techniques that you explain, and my girlfriend is noticeably more affectionate towards me...

[after performing the XXXXX technique] she looked at me like I was crazy, but she had the best game of her league so far, and when we got back to her place after the game she almost hurt me when she attacked me trying to kiss me!

D.R. - Wisconsin, USA

From: Russell ******

HI CR, Just a short note to tell you thanks for taking your time to create this great resource (Super Sex Power). I have had more sex in the past month than I have in the past year. I would and will recommend it to anyone. I have at least one friend who has worse sexual value problems than I ever had so as soon as it is appropriate I will recommend to him your e-book. I tried [one of the “controversial” and “gutsy” SSP techniques]

I have to tell you that I almost chickened out and bailed on the entire process.

Everything within me said I was doing the wrong thing and I should have done things differently.

Anyway I stuck to my guns and came home early today when I knew she would be home alone (no kids).

I started talking to her [and doing something very powerful] and as soon as I put my hands on her and started kissing her she immediately began rapidly undressing me and grabbing my crotch.

She was so HOT!

We had sex right there in the kitchen and after a couple of violent orgasms I carried her into the bedroom for another 30 minutes of wild sex. I was totally in control and she was loving it. I know she had more orgasms than she ever had in 20 years of marriage! For 20 years we did not know what we were missing.

Well I better go now because she just got home and she does not need to see this email.

Thanks again,

Subject: RE: Matt, Customer thinks the Tree Portal is a rip off

Dear Mr. James,

I just have to write and tell you something.

You have changed my life.

Let me explain. I am a good looking, physically fit, successful, 37 year old man. I have no trouble meeting women.

But after 11 years of friendship I came to realize that I could never settle down with any woman because I would always compare them to my best friend. She is a beautiful, successful woman, who I have a strong connection to. For years our friends wondered out loud how come we didn't date...I was at the end of my rope but after some hesitation I bought your materials.

Thank you thank you thank you, Mr. James.

We are now exclusively dating each other and we both are very happy. And, I just bought your new reports from the tree portal, and we just had the best sex ever!

She came on to me so hard, it was so out of her character. But I just followed your techniques and they worked like a charm. It is amazing how I do the things you suggest wondering "is this really going to work" then I get the results just as you say.

So glad I found you and had the balls to purchase. If all those guys looking for miss right at these on line dating services would just spend 1 month enrollment fee on your books, they would never have to waste a dime on those dating sites.

Good for you Mr. James. But better for us. Thanks Again. I look forward to your new books. You better e-mail me any time you write something new.


From: Jason *********
Subject: Thanks

"CR James

Thank you for your material!

Your techniques have already given me amazing progress! I actually have had two different girls (an 8 and a 9) come up to me and say there was something different they liked about me but didn't know what it was. If I wasn't using your material to try and save my marriage I would be out dating hot babes right now instead of emailing you.

Thank you for being one of the few guys out there that help men find the knowledge they really need to build a happy balanced relationship.

Your material more than pays for itself in the first day.

My self confidence has sky rocketed 200%!!!

You’re a life saver,


From: *******

Subject: Thank you

Thank you so much! You have made me more successful in my relationship,

You are one smart dude =D! Thank you for these reports, they are awesome!!!

From: *******
Subject: Re: gabe, can you forgive me for this?

Hey, your advice has been really helpful. So effective in fact that using the smiley technique my wife and been hungrily trying to get [THEM].

The other day she ran out of [THEM] and still wanted "services" with me.

Should I let her go on credit? Can she [get them] for service by giving service? What should I tell her? thanks.


From: ******
Subject: RE: Thank You For Your Order

Hi CR,

The circle is complete.

When I first bought SLB about a month ago it gave me the power to talk to women and touch them with words.

Everything is easy now.

It is fun to inspire beautiful girls in a natural way. The only thing is I am too busy to set up a date. I am always driving taxi and have no time to rest much less spend half an hour or an hour talking to girls.

Yet in the five minutes or so they sit in my car I've had the opportunity several times to get numbers but what's the rush, let me enjoy watching them squirm a little bit. I now have the SSP Gold Package and at this point in my life I have saved enough cash to retire. I am 31.

You are the best teacher I have ever had.


Subject: bonus question

Hi Mr.James, I haven’t had time to study in detail and apply your material, but what I have had time to analyze/apply so far, works like magic, its awesome shit!!

Not to mention all the free bonus stuff, I Love it! I really appreciate your material


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